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Advisory Board


Lal Fernando

Operations ConsultantTechnology Consultant

Darol Lucas

Operations Consultant
Technology Consultant

Africa Uganda


George Tembo



Addis Ababa

Cherenet Gobenti. M.Sc

Addis Ababa

Asia Sri Lanka

Corporate PhysicianColombo, Sri Lanka

Dr. Nalin Demel, MD

Corporate Physician
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Halmillawewa (Western Province)

Victor Heenatimudali

Halmillawewa (Western Province)


Oodi (Tamilnadu)


Oodi (Tamilnadu)

Europe Ukraine


Gary Reusche, Ph.D


North America USA

Medical Consultant

Harold 'HG' Moses

Medical Consultant
Agricultural ConsultantChildren Development Consultant

Nika Sesay

Agricultural Consultant
Children Development Consultant

Advisory Board Initiative

The advisory board aims to provide a reservoir of knowledge and experience that the NECF leadership can draw upon to navigate the complexities of nonprofit management, program development, and expansion. By leveraging the diverse skills and backgrounds of its members, the advisory board seeks to enhance NECF’s strategic planning processes, ensuring that the organization’s initiatives are innovative, impactful, and sustainable. This includes offering insights on best practices, identifying potential challenges and solutions, and advising on the effective allocation of resources to maximize the reach and effectiveness of NECF’s programs.

Furthermore, the advisory board is instrumental in fostering a network of support for NECF, connecting the organization with potential donors, partners, and collaborators who can contribute to its goals. The advisory board members act as ambassadors for NECF, advocating for its cause and raising awareness about the organization’s work within their professional and social circles. This role is crucial for enhancing NECF’s visibility, attracting funding and resources, and establishing partnerships that can amplify the organization’s impact. Through their commitment and advocacy, the advisory board members contribute significantly to building a strong foundation for NECF’s continued growth and success in delivering meaningful change in the lives of children across Asia, Africa, Arabia, and North America.